This is an archive of old presentations. I've stopped updating this page because I don't think it's particularly valuable; if you want the slides from a presentation you've seen, contact me and ask.

  • Oxford University Computing Society in Feb 2008 - The Evolution of Bugzilla. A look at the development of software under pressure from users, with occasional rants about software development and the bug-tracking process.
  • LUGRadio Live 2007 - How To Win Every Argument. A gentle canter through some logical errors (fallacies) people can make when arguing, and how to use them to best effect. (Note: you need the right plugin to play the <embed>ded WAV files. I used mplayer-plugin, I think.)
  • EuroOSCON 2006 - Phishing - Conning the Unwary for Fun and Profit. A light-hearted talk on how to carry out a phishing attack (almost the same as LugRadio 2005).
  • LugRadio Live 2006 - How To Destroy The Free Software Movement. An analysis of the weaknesses of the Free Software community and how to exploit them. The slides don't mean much without the words.
  • ICANN Vancouver 2005 - IDN Security Issues and Mozilla. An overview of Mozilla's approach to the IDN security issues, and commentary on the ICANN Guidelines which address them.
  • LugRadio Live 2005 - Phishing - Conning the Unwary for Fun and Profit. A light-hearted talk on how to carry out a phishing attack. I also gave this talk at BarCamp Amsterdam 2005.
  • FOSDEM 2005 - The Mozilla Foundation - Another Year. An update on the last year in the life of the Foundation.
  • FOSDEM 2005 - Bugzilla. Recent developments and new features.

These earlier presentations were generated from a single file by a script using custom code I wrote; to navigate them, either click the icon, or use Alt-N/Alt-P in browsers which support the HTML accesskey attribute. After this point, I switched to S5.

  • FOSDEM 2004 - The Mozilla Foundation. An update on the new Foundation - who's involved, what it does and what it will do.
  • FOSDEM 2003 - Advanced Bugzilla Use: A Hacker's Guide. A tutorial on some of Bugzilla's more advanced features, from a user's point of view.
  • UK Unix Users Group 2002 - The Evolution of Bugzilla. A talk on the history of Bugzilla, and how software evolves under user pressure.
  • FOSDEM 2002 - Patch Maker. Patch Maker is a tool for managing patches, and making contributions to Mozilla without need for compilation.

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