About Me

I'm Gervase Markham, known mostly as Gerv. I look approximately like the photo to the right, although it doesn't show the (now rather faded) 5-inch y-shaped scar from my adam's apple to my right ear, caused by multiple operations for adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare salivary gland cancer. Recently, for the same reason, I've also got rather thinner. You can read more about all that here.

My primary identity is that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ (my church), but I'm also a husband, father of three boys, a geek, and (I hope) a gentleman.

I'm from a little village in Cumbria, UK, a bit south of Penrith, but I now live in Loughborough, from where I work for Mozilla.

  • Birthday - June 1978.
  • Musical Likes - Casting Crowns, Coastal Dune, Counting Crows, DC Talk, Newsboys, Quench, Sara Groves, U2, Indelible Grace's stuff, Phatfish, Flanders and Swann.
  • Contact Details - gerv at gerv dot net. Email me if you need my phone number or postal address. I last moved house in July 2016; if you have a non-Loughborough address, it's out of date.
  • Here is my PGP Public Key.

Original URL: http://www.gerv.net/index/aboutme.html