These days, I write a lot more English than code, often on my blog...




The (older) presentations I've given also have their own page. Last updated a few years ago, but amazing how relevant some still are...


Satire and Fun

  • A Modest Proposal For the Prevention of Social Ills, the Betterment of Society and the Improvement of Public Health and Morals
  • Antiheteronymericks - a new twist on the limerick form, for those who like wordplay.


  • Foetal Personhood - a diagrammatic presentation of when you can abort a foetus, and the connection or otherwise with whether it is a person.
  • A Christian Case for Brexit - why the UK should leave the EU.
  • Three Forms of Diversity - some observations on the word 'diversity' and its multiple conflicting meanings, and how it is used within the Mozilla project.


Stuff which is now only of historical interest.

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