Patch Maker - Configuration Options

Patch Maker is configured using a file called ".pmrc" in your home directory. The file format is single lines, with "key=value" pairs on each line. The possible keys are given here in decreasing order of likely usefulness to you.

Key Values Description
editor <path to editor> Gives the name of the executable Patch Maker will use as its editor. If not set, uses the value of the EDITOR environment variable, or the built-in default ("notepad" on Windows, "nedit" on Unix, "vi" on Cygwin and "open" on Mac OS X).
editor_modal "&" Only useful on Unix-like systems. Set to "&" if you have a graphical editor and want your command prompt back after executing a pm command which launches the editor.
datadir <path to directory> Sets the path to the directory where Patch Maker stores all its data (patches, lists of files etc.). If not set, uses the built-in default (~/pm on Unix, ...)
context <integer> Sets the number of lines of context in diffs. Higher makes the diff easier to review, but more likely to break when others change the file. Default is 5.
diffwarningthreshold <float between 0 and 1> If your new diff is smaller than this fraction of the size of your old one, print a warning and offer to abort the diff. A useful safety mechanism. Default is 0.75.
os "windows", "darwin", "cygwin" or "unix" Forces Patch Maker to behave as if running under a particular OS.
scm "svn" or "cvs" Forces Patch Maker to assume it is using either Subversion or CVS. Usually, it auto-detects this.

Example configuration file


Cygwin: If you are using Cygwin Perl, paths need to be in cygwin format. Use forward slashes to separate elements, use /cygdrive/c/ instead of C:\, and enclose them in single quotes if they contain spaces.

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