Since 2000, I have had Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC), a malignant salivary gland cancer. This page links to the various articles and blog posts I have written about it, and in particular about how Christianity and cancer relate. If this wasn't something you knew about me, the best place to start might be to watch the video of an interview I did for my church:

An edited video of the interview was used as the introduction to a talk called “An Imaginary God in a Suffering World?”, which covered the question of how both Christians and non-Christians try and make sense of the existence and meaning of suffering – because it’s a difficult question wherever you stand. You can hear the talk which followed the video (length: about 38 minutes including Scripture readings).

Of my writings on the subject, the best ones to read first are the story of my original operation and my reflections on one of the major lung operations, titled "Thank God For Cancer".


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